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Advanced technology for patient care

We are committed to providing the highest quality Dentistry using the most advanced Technology in the Industry.  Below is a few of the items that we use on a daily basis to meet your desire for State of the Art Dentistry.

3m True Definition Scanner

This piece of equipment is the most accurate digital impression taking system in the world.  The days of taking a mold or impression with messy impression material are over.  Now we use an Incredibly Accurate Digital LED Camera system for making crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and  retainers.  The old way of taking a mold is not nearly as accurate as the new Digital Impression.  If your Dentist still uses the old way to take a mold of your teeth, you need to request they update their technology before you have any work done.

Global G6 Microscope

The key factor in Diagnosing and Effectively Treating your mouth and teeth is being able to see in great detail.  Without seeing in detail many conditions will be missed such as cracks, fractures, beginning decay, open margins, and also achieving a perfect fit of fillings and crowns will be questionable. 
Here at Precision Dental we use the Global Microscope allowing us to see at 20x power hence giving us the ability to find and fix problems to the most accurate degree.   We also have a High Definition Camera mounted to the Microscope so that we can take still pictures and also videos of procedures for documentation and also for education for other Dentists.

Dexis Digital X-ray

We use Digital X-ray for very accurate radiograph interpretation which is also about 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays The x-ray is instantly transferred to our computers in each operatory for viewing by the Dentist and you as the patient. These x-rays can be sent instantly to your Insurance company over the internet so that they can accurately see your condition without having any questions as to why your treatment is needed.

Other high tech equipment used in our office

  • Komet Sonic Handpiece - mainly used in Europe, this device allows us to achieve a Precise Fit of your Crowns, Bridges, and Fillings.
  • Piezo Ultrasonic - This Device is used to remove posts, pins root canal refinement, and for sinus surgery.
  • Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera - Used for taking intra-oral and extra-oral photos for documentation and lab communication.
  • We also offer streaming music for all procedures courtesy of Tunein radio with noise reducing Headphones.